Representative Transactions

Marion Financial Corp was the exclusive M&A advisor on the below representative transactions.

Revco Solutions, LLC and Longshore Capital Partners acquisition of Financial Corporation of America (Sellside)

Hollis Cobb 's acquisition of Gragil Associates, Inc. and Audit Billing Center, Inc. (Buyside)

AccessOne's acquisition of HealthFirst Financial, LLC (Sellside)

Audax Group (URS) acquisition of Array Services Group (Sellside)

Audax Group (URS) acquisition of Enterprise Recovery Systems (Sellside)

Clearlight Partner's acquisition of The Outsource Group (Buyside)

Sallie Mae's acquisition of Pioneer Credit Recovery, Inc. (Sellside)

EOS Holdings, Inc. of Hamburg, Germany acquisition of Collecto, Inc. (Sellside)

Praire Capital, LP and Caffery Capital Partners, LLC acquisition of Creditors Interchange, Inc. (Sellside)

The Outsource Group's acquisition of Medstandard, Inc. (Buyside)

Coface of North America (Natixis - Paris Bank) acquisition of Newton & Associates, LLC (Sellside)

Argent Healthcare Financial Services, Inc.'s acquisition of Paralign Revenue Management, Inc. (Buyside)

The Outsource Group's acquisition of Connecticut Credit, LLC (Buyside)

The Outsource Group acquisition of XAM/MAX Business Services, Ltd. (Buyside)

Securities transactions are offered through McLean Securities, LLC, Member FINRA / SIPC.
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