Valuation & Management Consulting Services

Valuation Services

Marion prepares valuation reports for the owners of closely held businesses. The more common reasons that business valuations are required are as follows:

  • Support for Buy/Sell Agreements' valuation provisions among multiple shareholders or partners.
  • Assistance in arriving at an asking price when the decision has been made to sell or divest the company.
  • Documentation for the value of assets contributed to Family Limited Partnerships or gifts of partnership interests.
  • Utilization as a tool in Estate Planning so that a more accurate assessment can be made of an estate's current or future value.
  • Documentation of values for facilitating a gifting program to heirs.

In addition, Marion provides valuation reports for accounts receivable management companies, which are prepared by an accredited business valuation expert (CPA-ABV, Accredited in Business Valuation) specializing in the accounts receivable management industry. The planned-giving services referred to earlier are also a part of the accounts receivable valuation services.

Management Consulting Services

Marion's management consulting services include profit-improvement services, valuation planning and monitoring, and benchmarking initiatives. Currently these consulting services are focused on companies in the accounts receivable management industry. Marion understands the critical drivers of value creation prevalent in this industry. Marion can best serve its clients if valuation consulting takes place over several years prior to a targeted exit strategy. During this period, the shareholders and Marion Principals can build mutual trust and consistency in working toward a common goal.

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