July 1, 2017 - ARM/RCM Issue:
Middle-Market M&A:  Survey Suggests Continued Seller-Favorable Deal Environment
By: Global Banking & Finance Review
Leading law firm Seyfarth Shaw LLP has published the fourth edition of its Middle-Market M&A Survey Book of Key M&A Deal Terms (the "Survey"). The Survey analyzes over 150 middle-market ($1 billion) publicly available private acquisition agreements signed in 2016.

News You Can Use
Planning to Sell Your Company in a Few Years? You Have Work to Do Now.  
By:  Joanne Baginskil, Entrepreneur 
For middle-market company owners and executives, the last thing they might be thinking about during the growth phase of their businesses is planning for an eventual sale. However, a successful "exit" takes years of preparation, and only those owners who take the right steps along the way will get the price they want.

6 Success Factors to a Sales Process
By:  Tom Edens 
  1. The Company Shareholder has readied him/herself for the next phase of life.
  2. The M&A market is favorable - equity markets are good and leverage is available & inexpensive.
  3. The Company has successfully addressed all of the important valuation drivers.
  4. The Company has hired advisors with the ability to achieve a successful outcome.
  5. Involve the Key Management Team in the process.
  6. Make sure capital expenditures are maintained for growth.
ARM/RCM - Recent Industry Transactions
Target Description 
May 2017 
Apollo Group 
West Corporation 
Global provider of communication and network infrastructure services 
April 2017 
Sirrus Group  
Patient Account Services, LLC 
Provides RCM and ARM services to the healthcare industry  
 Feb 2017 
Novitex / Source HOV 
Combined company with be Exela 

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