November 1, 2017 - ARM/RCM Issue:
Middle-Market M&A 

New Deal Frontier: Trump Angst - How Much Does Regulatory Uncertainty Matter for Deals?
By: Curt Moldenhauer, PwC Deals Blog
In our New Deal Frontier series, we've outlined why the US is certain to be a top attraction for businesses that will sidestep trade barriers by pursuing cross-border investments.  In our last blog, All roads lead to America, we argued momentum for inbound M&A in the US likely will continue thanks to America's depth of digital assets, its cities' independent economic clout and its relative stability.

News You Can Use
Is a Private Equity Sale Right for Your Business?  
By:  Jane Johnson  
Private equity firm (PEF) recapitalization has become one of the top reasons that businesses valued at $2-50 million are going to market, according to the Market Pulse Report, which is published quarterly by the International Business Brokers (IBBA), M&A Source, and the Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project.

6 Areas that Acquirers Direct Their Focus During Due Diligence
By:  Tom Edens 
  1. Compliance - Is the Company compliant on a daily/hourly basis, not just having compliance manuals collecting dust?
  2. Financials - Are the financial records in a state that they can be relied upon? Reviewed or Audited?
  3. Non-Recurring Revenue - Any part of the Company's revenue not sustainable?
  4. Legal - What is the Company's experience with lawsuits?
  5. Key Employees - Any suspected attrition to be triggered as a result of a transaction?
  6. Growth Prospects - Does the Company's sales pipeline seem credible and robust?

ARM/RCM - Recent Industry Transactions
Target Description 
Aug 2017
Xtend Healthcare LLC   
ELIPSe, Inc. 
Provides HIM and RCM consulting services to the healthcare industry  
 Sept 2017
 Knack Global, LLC 
Compliance Specialists, Inc., RCM & Compliance Services Business 
Provides RCM and compliance services to healthcare providers  
Announced  Oct 2017 
 Nelnet  Great Lakes Educational Loan Services  Student loan servicing company 
Announced  Oct 2017  
 Navient Earnst Inc.  Financial technology and education finance company  

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