February 1, 2018 - ARM/RCM Issue:
Middle-Market M&A:  Agility and Creativity Will Drive Strong Deal Activity in 2018
By: Bob Saada, PWC
In our recently released PwC Deals year-end review and 2018 outlook, we noted that 2017 was a year when dealmakers had to navigate various disruptions. Considering how M&A and other deals not only continued but increased last year, I'm optimistic about even healthier activity in the year ahead. After a 2017 defined by adaptation amid uncertainty, 2018 will see that uncertainty continue...and require even more agility and creativity from dealmakers. 

News You Can Use
Economic Optimism Fuels 2018 Middle Market M&A Scene
By:  ABF Journal 

Interest among middle market companies in both buying and selling has increased significantly in the past year, fueled by rising valuations, economic optimism and an ongoing drive to find growth, according to the seventh annual Citizens Commercial Banking Middle Market M&A Outlook.

The bank's survey of 400 business leaders showed a boost in activity and confidence over 2017.

6 Important Exit Preparedness Actions
By:  Tom Edens 
  1. Financial Statements - Financial Statements are in credible form - Best if audited, if not reviewed by quality CPA firm.
  2. Contracts - Contracts supporting major areas of the business are current such as client contracts, intellectual property agreements and major vendor contracts.
  3. Corporate Governance - Corporate governance documents are current and in order - such as Board minutes, minority shareholder actions, and profit sharing plans.
  4. Concentration - Company has done its best to reduce risk of client concentration.
  5. Underwritable Management Team - The Company has management in place that is bankable.
  6. Advisory Team - The Company has assembled the Team that will get them through a complex mid-market transaction - transaction attorney, tax advisors and M&A advisor.

ARM/RCM - Recent Industry Transactions
Target Description 
Jan 2018
Vantage Sourcing 
Call center company focused in collections and customer service 
Jan 2018 
GetixHealth , LLC (Trivest Partners) 
Insurance Data Services, Inc. 
RCM business serving the healthcare provider industry  
Jan 2018
HealthFirst Financial, LLC 
Software-enabled service provider of patient financing programs to healthcare organizations

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